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Knowing the EU and selling your project

Winning European funding is an extremely competitive process. While an outstanding project is an absolute must, the skills to sell your idea to the funders and knowledge of the European Union policy are equally important.
European Funding expertise

EuroSidus has gained a reputation for strategic thinking, helping its clients to seize new European funding opportunities and turn innovative ideas into project proposals. Within the new EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), spending should be mobilised to support growth, employment, competitiveness and convergence, in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy. We have intensely followed the EU negotiations leading to the new MFF by participating in European Parliament Committees meetings and public hearings, European Commission conferences or public consultations, etc. We are well placed to advice on accessing European funding available for the 2014-2020 period. We constantly monitor European funding opportunities, allowing to provide clear and regular advice to our clients. There are more than 450 European frameworks and 13 funds covering every fields of interventions of the European Union.

  • We advise you to optimize European funding for your projects
  • We advise you selling your projects to partners and Institutions
Public Relations expertise

EuroSidus has gained a reputation for strategic thinking, creativity and expert media relations, along with superior client service and its innovative approach to practicing public relations and integrated marketing. EuroSidus was founded under the philosophy of aggressive media outreach and building the best journalist relationships in the business, and operates on the principle that strategic public relations requires a thorough understanding of the media. EuroSidus specializes in helping its clients achieve their business objectives by strategically shaping and impacting the news cycle. We know how to craft a story to suit the media outlet; they are always searching for the unique idea, the different angle, and the fresh take on a familiar story.

Lobbying ethics

We make sure that each person involve in work with our clients adheres to the inter-institutional code of conduct of interest representatives of the European Parliament and the Commission.
  • We comply with the rules of the European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association
  • We respect the deontology of the Society of European Affairs Professionals
  • We are accredited by the European Parliament
  • We participate in events organized by the European Union, by member states and by European and International think-tanks

  • We advise you to optimize European funding for your projects
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