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At the initiative of the Tunisian civil society organizations, EuroSidus has proposed to the Governor of Tataouine a research and development on medicinal and aromatic plants. Our analysis in the field, and our experience with European funding have led us to set, as the first necessary step, for economic and social development in the Tataouine region through MAP, a R&D project supported by the Research and Innovation European framework Horizon 2020. This R&D aims to focus, both on new growing techniques for MAP in arid region and to focus on the economic and social benefits that the exploitation of medicinal and aromatic plants can bring to the Tataouine region.
  • The Region of Tataouine is one of the most aride in the North Sahara
  • At the Town Hall of Antwerp welcoming entrepreneurs and SMEs owners
Invest in Antwerp
At the initiative of Flanders Investment and Trade, together with the French Community organization in Antwerp; EuroSidus developed a business day dedicated to the investment of French companies in Antwerp. We had brought as partner, the City of Antwerp (that allowed us to host the event in the City Hall), the Port of Antwerp (second biggest port of Europe), KBC Bank, Group S (Social secretariat). We have host more than 30 French companies from various sectors. All of them with clear plan, after the event, to invest and develop in Antwerp.
Tahiti Innovation & Knowledge Initiave
The Tahiti Innovation & Knowledge Initiative project aims to create a business park 2.0. We want to cluster and facilitate technology and high-tech services companies in a spirit of open communication and innovation. To put this into practice, we’ll rely on a number of pillars. Firstly on real estate with an infrastructure that we will make available to companies and entrepreneurs, in a flexible and custom manner. That will include offices, workshops and labs. The second pillar is our service. In this framework the emphasis is gradually shifting from services to the companies on campus to services to the people employed by these companies.Last but not least we will promote the interaction between people on campus and between the campus and the outside world. We are working tooth and nail to achieve this added value, which we think is a decisive factor to ensure the success of the TIKI Project.
  • The Chamber of Commerce of French Polynesia is supporting the TIKI Project